Teslan Run Score Project (English)

This page exhibits graphic scores composed by elementary school students in music making workshops (http://kyoto-ex.jp/2016-eng/program/pre_adachi_ws/) conducted by performer/composer ADACHI Tomomi in December 2015, the workshops were held as pre-events for “Teslan Run” which is a collaborative work by ADACHI Tomomi and contact Gonzo in Kyoto Experiment 2016.

To see scores, please scroll down this page, or click HERE.

Interpret and play one of these scores freely by one, two or a group, using any instruments, non-instruments and voice. Record the performance and upload to any storage site as wetransfer (https://www.wetransfer.com/), then send the URL to adachitomomin@gmail.com until January 31st 2016 (please don’t the audio file as a mail attachment). The recording will be edited and used in the performance of “Teslan run” on March 26th and 27th 2016 at Alti Hall, Kyoto. Also there is a possibility that your recordings will be used and published as themselves (no editing).


These scores were made by children from 6 years old to 12 years old, so they would be played by children who are the same age. But nobody knows your real age.

Please use 44.1khz/16bit wave or aiff file format and keep it less than 5 minutes. Indicate which score you used by the number or composer’s name, send it with your name, place of residence and age by the e-mail. Your name will be published as one of contributors/performers, please use a pseudonym if you don’t want that your name would be published.

The composed music for the performance will be uploaded and published around April 1st 2016.

You may publish your own performance at somewhere by yourself, please indicate the URL of this site in the case. Also please inform the URL. etc.

Some scores are written for reading; from left to right, from top to bottom. Some of them are divided in four parts. Some scores show one sounds with the whole part of the score. However, you don’t need to follow composer’s intentions.

Thank you for your participations!




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